Masculine Femininities Zine


This is a FREE zine about gender identities and gender variance – stories, poetry, images, art and other mediums about all those issues that don’t get discussed, all those gender minorities that do not get enough recognition, representation or voice/s to speak.

This Zine comprises of people of colour, trans femme boys, faggy butches, masculine females, feminine males, trans male drag queens, masculines off centre, bois, gender variants, andogynes, masculine and femminine people of all genders and then some!

It is put together by Misster Raju Rage/Lola Love, formally Misster Scratch, a trans feminist undefined person of colour.

please send me your submissions for future issues to masculinefemininities at

Dedicated to all those who have submitted and all who can relate to it.

Just click on the pages to enlarge and please feel free to print out and spread the word




This is not strictly a zine; it is an important gender minority document. I am not a theorist or an academic, just passionate about this subject and JUST wanted to say something…so I guess it is both.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my identity and about being visible as a masculine feminine Trans person of colour, a different kind of a male. Different to the normative heterosexist types but also different to most of the Trans males I meet in my community, support groups and events. I have been reading some texts on the subject: ‘Sons of the movement: FtM’s Risking Incoherence on a Post-Queer Cultural Landscape’ by Jean Bobby Noble, Nobody Passes by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore and also Judith Halberstam’s ‘Female Masculinity’. I have been facilitating body image workshops (with Jin Haritaworn, who features in this zine) specifically dealing with being proud of expressing identity/ies, I have created a queer comic ‘The Incredibly Qweer Adventours of SpYkeGrrl and MissTer ScraTch’ with Spike Spondike and I even belong to a ‘boy band’ troupe ‘D’Artagnan and the Three Musclequeers’ exploring gender. But mainly I have been hanging out with fellow MFTs (Masculine Feminine Trannies) and other gender outlaws; bonding, laughing and crying, discussing and debating, expressing and creating and doing what we do best, in practice, not in theory.

There is a lot more to say but for now these are some of our stories about what it means to be masculine/ feminine, Trans or something else, in our meaningful eyes, our sexy shoes and in our ‘crazy’ worlds.

As the Great Audre Lord says, who has been an ispiration to me since the first issue and continues to be:

when we speak/we are afraid our words will not be heard/nor welcomed/but when we are silent/we are still afraid. So it is better to speak/remembering/we were never meant to survive.’

Yes, this is what this zine is about, hearing those voices that are often silenced, giving and allowing ourselves a voice to be reckoned with!

MissTer Raju Rage/ Lola Love


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